Originally drawn wishes for everyone!

Looking for an original greeting card? We have given the traditional greeting card a fresh lick of paint, drawn with pen and paper but delivered online. Fully in keeping with these digital times. We draw Dutch and English language eCards for your friend, girl- or boyfriend, family, loved one or acquaintance. So that you can surprise them with a Moving Wish: a time-lapse film with a handwritten message.

Become a Moving Wishes member, always handy!

What benefits can I expect?

  • You can see whether the eCard you sent has been seen by the recipient.
  • All your orders are listed in an overview so that you never have to remember what cards you have sent, and who you sent them to.
  • Each time you place an order your invoicing details are filled in automatically, saving you both time and effort.
  • Join us and together we will make the world a nicer place! By way of welcome you will receive a gift from us.

    Register here and obtain a discount code to enable you to send a FREE Moving Wish.

    Would you like to distinguish your business from all the rest?

    Are you too struggling these days to find a unique and creative way to make your business really stand out from the crowd? Moving Wishes has the solution for you. Our striking eCards can easily be ordered, scheduled and sent in large volume. A great way to invite your personnel out for the annual company party, to send Christmas greetings to your customers, or to thank the secretaries for all their hard work. Moving Wishes is ideal for businesses!

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